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Explanatory notes on some of the works

The Political Game of Chess

Problem pile-up 1. Problem pile-up

Problems arise, they get bigger and bigger and are piling up.
The Mole 2. The mole

There is always someone who is manipulative and acting out of self-interest.
Conflict 3. Conflict

Conflicting situations come together. The parties are not in agreement. Everyone gets involved.
Meeting in the prime minister’s chambers 4. Meeting in the prime minister’s chambers

A private meeting is held in the prime minister’s chambers, the Little Tower.
compromise 5. Compromise

After a draw, a compromise is reached.
The status quo is accepted

Windmills I and II

Wind energy has been used for centuries and is intertwined with the Dutch landscape and society. I wanted to set the 'new' windmills opposite of the 'old' windmills.

Windmills Holland I Windmills Holland II


The  counselors

This work is especially made for a law firm. I put the enlarged bishops, ‘the Counselors', opposite each other. Depending on who's turn it is, can win.



Duet of the Swans

Swans are special graceful birds. Swans are usually mate for life. Pairs are abundantly found in our 'Dutch' landscape. The artwork is a diptych in one large frame. Always connected together, like a pair of Swans.

Duet of the Swans


Grey Mouse

The 'Grey Mouse' will never stand out in a group. In my painting the 'grey mouse' is positioned in the center of attention, totally at ease. The other mice are very curious about this 'gray mouse'.

Grey mouse
(There are still two color layers to go, before this work is completely finished.)

Does my art reach out to your heart? Please contact me (without obligation) and I will let you see and experience my art works in real life.